Startup42 Media generates customized content for your conferences, summits and forums. You identify the special guests and we take care of the rest.

Why add more content?

Nowadays, it is harder for events to stand out from the abundance from the options available for attendees. It is becoming increasingly important to do something different to get the attention of the crowd.

Additionally, it is necessary for events to create a digital component to the live program so that can increase ticket sales and the impact that the event has. Finding the best way to digitise live content is a long and cumbersome process.

Why Startup42 for events

Startup 42 Media works with you to create customised live event experiences that can be added to any event, making people wish they were there - as well as generating tons of unique content in the process.

It is a great way to add value in world where more and more events are just creating noise. The Startup42 team has extensive experience digitising content and can help migrate your events into the online space.

The podcast stage was professionally run and the interviewers extremely good at making the guest feel comfortable - just like having a conversation with your new best friends.
It was a really fun experience!
Lina Chen - TechBBQ Speaker 2019

Pre-event show

Get your audience excited with a show highlighting what is to come and increasing expectations

Exclusive interviews

Backstage Interviews to give your attendees a peek behind the curtains of famous speakers.

Live radio

Tap into the zeitgeist of your event by having commentary and interviews that can be broadcasted on demand

Unique, customised and interactive

to get the most out of your speakers, attendees and online experience

Better keynote speaker experience

proving a platform for them to share their experiences

Increased attendee engagement

proven through multiple feedback channels

Unique post event content catelogue

promoting your event through the calendar year

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